25+ Useful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows is a very versatile operating system that offers numerous ways to get a task accomplished. Often using the options given in the menu of the program you’re using, or by right clicking your mouse.

But there is almost always a way to do the same task by using only your keyboard. Once you’ve learnt them, they will help you get your task complete much quicker than before.

Keyboard ShortcutResult
Ctrl+ASelects all text
Ctrl+BMakes the selected text Bold
Ctrl+CCopies the highlighted text or the selected object
Ctrl+FOpens the Find window
Ctrl+IMakes the selected text Italic
Ctrl+KInsert a hyperlink for selected text
Ctrl+NCreates a new document in some programs
Ctrl+OOpens a file in the current program
Ctrl+POpens print preview
Ctrl+SSaves the file
Ctrl+UUnderlines the selected text
Ctrl+VPastes the copied text or object
Ctrl+XCuts selected item
Ctrl+YRedo last action
Ctrl+ZUndo last action
Ctrl+TabSwitches between tabs in a program
Ctrl+HomeMoves cursor to the start of document
Ctrl+EndMoves cursor to the end of document
Alt+TabSwitches between open programs
Ctrl+BackspaceDeletes a full word
Ctrl+Left or Right ArrowMoves cursor one word at a time
Ctrl+Shift+Left or Right ArrowHighlights one word at a time
Alt+FOpens the File menu options in current program
Alt+EOpens the Edit menu options in current program
F1Universal help
F2Rename selected file
F5Refreshes the current program window
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