Tips for sharing posts on Facebook

Have you ever seen something on Facebook that you just had to share? Of course, you have!

It’s easy enough to share it, but is it reaching everyone you want to see it? Or are more people seeing it than you would like?

When sharing a post on Facebook or uploading pictures and videos there are some minor settings that can make a huge difference of who else gets to see it.

You would have seen these dropdown buttons when sharing a post:

Selecting the Friends audience will make your post visible to only your Facebook friends. If you’ve tagged someone in the post, their friends will see it too.

Selecting the Public audience will make your post visible to anyone, including people that are not on Facebook.

What audience should I use?

Tips for sharing posts on Facebook

That all depends on what you want to achieve. If you’re posting pictures of your child’s birthday party, you would likely prefer to maintain your privacy. In that case, keep your audience on Friends so only people you are close to will see them.

If a friend of yours runs a small business and you want to show support by sharing their post, set the audience to Public. That way anyone on the internet would be able to see it, thus increasing exposure for your friend’s business. Keeping it on the Friends audience, means only the Facebook Friends you have in common will see it, which could be just a small handful of people.

TOP TIP: Once you’ve changed the audience and shared something, Facebook saves that audience for the next time. Be sure to check that you’re sharing with the correct audience. Change it back to Friends if you don’t want it to be Public.

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